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Some selected interviews & other fun things.



Sarah talks Velvet Glove with Reckoning of the Dead

Sarah talks Bluebeard’s Bride & gaming with Full Metal RPG

Sarah talks Velvet Glove on +1 Forward

Sarah & co-author Whitney talk Bluebeard’s Bride on Waypoint

Sarah talks Bluebeard’s Bride with Marcelo on Gamerati

Sarah & co-author Marissa talk Bluebeard’s Bride on +1 Forward

Sarah talks Bluebeard’s Bride on Misdirected Mark (13:38)

Sarah & co-authors Whitney & Marissa talk Bluebeard’s Bride on RPGGeek

Sarah & co-authors Whitney & Marissa talk Bluebeard’s Bride  Last Chance Noir 

Sarah is interviewed by Alex Roberts on Backstory

Sarah is interviewed by Dr. Tom the Frog


Sarah runs Zombie World for One Shot Podcast Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Sarah runs Bluebeard’s Bride for One Shot Podcast Part 1Part 2Part 3

Sarah runs Bluebeard’s Bride for The Jank Cast crew Part 1Part 2

Sarah runs Bluebeard’s Bride for the 2016 Big Bad Con Kickstarter


In 2015, Sarah had the chance to play Dungeon World with an amazing cast of players and GM on Youtube, with rotating GMs and guest players. The series lasted for 27 episodes until 2016, and was called Chain World. You can see the shenanigans here.



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